Inflatable Camel

topic posted Wed, January 11, 2006 - 10:28 AM by  Catling,
It's not what you are thinking, I swear. But I need to find an inflatable camel for BM 2006, for my Oasis art project. Anyone have any ideas about where I might find such a thing?

And stop snickering, damn you. :P

It doesn't actually have to be inflatable, just portable, since I'm taking it to Burning Man. Thanks!
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  • Have you tried I-Party? They might have one..
    I searched google...amazingly hard to find :(

    -Good luck!
    • Could you use an inflatable Cow?

      could tell everyone it's a camel with a short neck.

      My cousin (Osage Indian) shot a camel in Okla. once He thought it was a long necked deer.

      • In honesty.....try speaking to the Camel cig. company.
        • You could also have a party over this ....

          a "Lets make Cat a Paper mache" Camel" Party.
          • Thank you.

            I was originally going to go with papier mache for this critter, and might still, but was thinking in terms of portability for burning man and realized that blowup was about as portable as it gets.

            I found a blow up zebra, a blow up giraffe and a stuffed camel on ebay. I'll see how I feel about that and might then decide to have the party you suggest. WHich would be a lot of fun, actually. :)
  • Well I did find an "Treasures of the Nile Inflatable Camel" via Froogle, but the website says out of stock. Ironically it's s Christian paraphenalia company with a store right down the road from me. ;)
    • I saw that website... yep, out of stock, damn them. And yes, I thought that was pretty damn funny too! :)

      Well, I found an inflatable zebra, an inflatable giraffe and I'm currently bidding on a giant stuffed camel on ebay.
      • Try these guys...

        But they might be pricey.
        • Thanks! I'm looking for the cheapest solutions possible. I think I'm revising my plans... I won the auction on the stuffed camel on Ebay, and I think I'm going to use that creature to make an art bike that is a camel...

          Rather than a tent for oasis, I'm going to try to make it a portable project, an art bike with a small wagon attached that I can ride around on, giving out food and water. I can put EL wire and glow in the dark paint on the bike so that it shows up really well at night. I think this is the most sensible and inexpensive way to do the first version of the project.

          Thanks for all the various helpful suggestions!